About Modern Ummah

 What Is "Ummah"?

The word Ummah is of Arabic origin. Ummah means to be apart of one whole united body/ community. In a more simpler and "Modern" sense Ummah means unity regardless of your skin color, race, religion, physical attributes or etc.




Farhad Muhammad is a Southeast-Asian Pakistani male who was born in Brooklyn, New York. Despite being born in Brooklyn, Farhad was raised in the city Bradford, England. With both the unique Brooklyn fashion sense and a slight Bradford-ian influence Farhad single-handedly founded ModernUmmah with guidance and assistance from his loving aunt at the seemingly young age of 16. Farhad first released the Ummah logo tees in the summer of 2015 marking the "actual" Modern Ummah conquest. 


Farhad has a personal mission of giving back to those in need, he does this by using the profits raised to host events in NYC as well as donate to reputable organizations chosen by customers & social media followers. Farhad's mission comes from his own realization that not everyone gives to those whom don't have. .